Get to Know Theranaturals

Get to Know Theranaturals

A selection of Theranaturals' most popular products.

Your health is a big deal. We’re here with you every step of the way so you can breathe easy.

Our Vision

We work to fight disease, further research, and improve the quality of life for all, with natural, safe products.

Our Mission

“Natural therapies, specifically designed with you in mind.” 

We like to keep it real. Your health comes first. No weird chemicals and cringy marketing tactics here. Just holistic treatments.

Our Values


Honest ingredients, solutions, and research. Every time.


We want your life to be long, healthy, and fun. Quality living. Our products are made to get you there.


We have a history of innovation, lasting solutions, and a commitment to being the best.

How Theranaturals Began

Michael Parish grew up in a home of scientists who were well-versed in chemicals and pharmaceuticals. He was always passionate about making safe, leading-edge nutritional support products more accessible. This came from working with his father, Dr. W. Wesley Parish, a Ph.D. Chemist with a passion for biochemistry and nutritional support.  In 2007, Mike took his own scientific background and love of all things natural to take over his father’s company, Theranaturals. Here, we combine scientifically-backed solutions with all-natural ingredients. Your health and quality of life are our top priorities, and our commitment to innovation, wellness, and quality proves it. From weight loss/weight management to shingles to certain types of cancers and chronic pain, we’re working to advance nutritional support for you.

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