About us

Our Company

Theranaturals was incorporated in 1995 with a mission to research, develop, and provide safe, leading edge nutritional support supplements to its valued customers. Over the past decade, Theranaturals has remained true to its mission, offering a selection of unique and clinically superior products enjoyed by thousands today.

Theranaturals is considered a leader in the research and advancement of nutritional support for a variety of areas to include: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Breast Cancer, Cervical Dysplasia, hormone balance, immune support, Fibromyalgia, PMS, and chronic pain. Theranaturals is currently researching weight loss and weight management and its relationship to dark chocolate, shingles, genital herpes, and various lymphomas. We are excited to be offering new product lines in the next years and are confident you will like them.

Our team

Theranaturals makes your health and quality of life its top priority. Nestled in the beautiful Treasure Valley of Idaho, Theranaturals dedicated staff is quietly researching new and innovative applications with you in mind. As such, and with decades of research and development at its fingertips, Theranaturals is a step-above-the-rest and remains a top quality supplier of supplements and a valued information resource for everyone. Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you!

Clinical Research

In 1998, Theranaturals made the inhibitory connection between dietary indoles and the human papilloma virus (HPV). Theranaturals product, I3C Caps, the original commercialized form of indole-3-carbinol, was used in a University of Tennessee clinical study under the direction of Dr. C. Rosen to validate this link. Dr. Maria Bell has furthered this work and made significant contributions to women's health in the fields of cervical dysplasia, cancer, and hormone balancing. I3C Caps is recommended by doctors and remains the # 1 choice for practitioners around the globe.  Order I3C-Caps now

In more recent years, Theranaturals played a priority role alongside Dr. Valerie Hudson and Dr. Clark Bishop, in the development of reduced L-Glutathione therapies for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) support. Its L-Glutathione Plus product was used in a phase 1 Clinical study, under the direction of Dr. Clark Bishop, to prove the efficacy and potential of the new and emerging research. Today, Theranaturals, L-Glutathione products play a leading role in quality of life improvements for CF patients of all ages. Order L-Gluthathione Plus now

Malaria Research

In 2015 our research team came across an obscure journal piece that suggested a connection between dietary indoles and malaria inhibition. Of course, it caught our attention so we went to work investigating and developing theories. In 2016, having compiled sufficient data and established a research scope, we partnered with a compounding lab to make compounds for us. Nearly 3 years later, over 30 compounds have been made and tested with 7 coming back and "hot" for anti-malarial activity. The Sweet William Foundation was founded in 2017 and has taken on these compounds to test and develop them into cures in hopes of the eventual eradication of Malaria worldwide. Theranaturals has joined the fight and continues to support the Sweet William Foundations research efforts and looks forward to success on the Malaria frontDonate Now. Join the fight and become a CHampion and Smile of hope for the worlds most vulnerable children. JOIN THE FIGHT. GO TO SITE   

Fun Facts

  • When we were perfecting the production methods for I3C we accidentally made skatole, a smelly compound used by the military as a non-lethal weapon. We only made it once and unanimously agree the military can keep it. 
  • Years ago, we were working on a big melatonin project. The milling phase created some very fine melatonin dust and it wasn’t long before everyone was asleep. Needless to say, we all had a good afternoon nap.
  • We were milling and extracting cocoa shell for a special weight loss project. It smelled so good that people thought we were a chocolate factory. Best project ever!
  • Ever see the term "Dietary Indole?" We coined it! Not only did we coin the term, but we brought the first I3C and B3IM (DIM) to market. The originals are still manufactured today and remain the gold-standard for all other “Dietary Indoles” sold on the market.